Search Norwegian records in the Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD)

This webpage and the underlaying database has been developed in order to monitor progress in barcoded species for the Norwegian Barcode of Life Network. The available data are based on an xml-feed from BOLD that includes summary statistics of specimens and species from Norway or that are tagged with NorBOL. The local database is updated once a week.

Searches can be made using whole or parts of any taxonomic name and will return a list of the species within that group from Norway that currently are present in BOLD. Each species in the list can be selected for further information on specimens, barcodes, classification and direct links to the BOLD BIN-page. A list of species and accompanying information can also be downloaded as an excel-file.

Thanks to Sujeevan Ratnasingham for facilitating the feed from BOLD and to Roger Alterskjær for developing and maintaining the local database.

Database last updated: March 02, 2024 01:00
(Database last checked: March 04, 2024 01:00)

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Species Barcodes Specimens ▲ Missing
Associated BINs Public
Rhamphomyia sciarina 2 834 832 BOLD:ACG2050 42 Arthropoda
Allocladius nanseni 2 916 914 BOLD:AAL1593 2 Arthropoda
Chaetocladius perennis 4 978 974 BOLD:ACF6903 22 Arthropoda
Psychoda albipennis 5 1344 1339 BOLD:AAL7819, BOLD:ACG1924 6 Arthropoda
Metriocnemus albolineatus 27 1999 1972 BOLD:AAC6643, BOLD:AAC6644 55 Arthropoda
Halocladius variabilis 47 3594 3547 BOLD:AAB8751 41 Arthropoda